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Communication Channels

We have several communication channels set up for different purposes:

GitHub * Issues (members and users can complain)
* Request new features

Anyone with a GitHub account can write issues. We are happy if people get involved by writing issues, so don't be shy 😃

Slack * Informal communication

We use slack for day to day discussions and news. If you want to join the OpenML slack chat, please message us (

Mailing List!forum/openml * Information on upcoming workshop
* Other major information
* Urgent or important issues

If you want to receive information on major news or upcoming events, sign up for the mailing list. There is a privat mailing list for OpenML core members which you can contact by sending an e-mail to

Twitter (@open_ml) * News
* Publicly relevant information

Blog * Tutorials
* News
* Info about papers

Hangout (google)

  • Calls