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The .Net API allows you connect to OpenML from .Net applications.


Stable releases of the .Net API are available via NuGet. Use the NuGet package explorer in the Visual Studia, write “Install-Package openMl” to the NuGet package manager console or download the whole package from the NuGet website and add it into your project. Or, you can check out the developer version from GitHub.

Quick Start

Create an OpenmlConnector instance with your api key. You can find this key in your account settings. This will create a client with OpenML functionalities, The functionalities mirror the OpenMlApi and not all of them are (yet) implemented. If you need some feature, don’t hesitate contact us via our Git page.

    `var connector = new OpenMlConnector("YOURAPIKEY");`

All OpenMlConnector methods are documented via the usual .Net comments.

Get dataset description

    `var datasetDescription = connector.GetDatasetDescription(1);`

List datasets

    `var data = connector.ListDatasets();`

Get run

    `var run = connector.GetRun(1);`

List task types

    `var taskTypes = connector.ListTaskTypes();`

Get task type

    `var taskType = connector.GetTaskType(1);`

List evaluation measures

    `var measures = connector.ListEvaluationMeasures();`

List estimation procedures

    `var estimationProcs = connector.ListEstimationProcedures();`

Get estimation procedure

    `var estimationProc = connector.GetEstimationProcedure(1);`

List data qualities

    `var dataQualities = connector.ListDataQualities();`