OpenML Run ExampleΒΆ

An example of an automated machine learning experiment.

import openml
from sklearn import impute, tree, pipeline


This example uploads data. For that reason, this example connects to the test server at This prevents the main server from crowding with example datasets, tasks, runs, and so on.

# Uncomment and set your OpenML key. Don't share your key with others.
# openml.config.apikey = 'YOURKEY'

# Define a scikit-learn pipeline
clf = pipeline.Pipeline(
        ('imputer', impute.SimpleImputer()),
        ('estimator', tree.DecisionTreeClassifier())

Download the OpenML task for the german credit card dataset.

task = openml.tasks.get_task(97)

Run the scikit-learn model on the task (requires an API key).

run = openml.runs.run_model_on_task(clf, task)
# Publish the experiment on OpenML (optional, requires an API key).

print('URL for run: %s/run/%d' % (openml.config.server, run.run_id))


URL for run:

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