openml.datasets.fork_dataset(data_id: int) int

Creates a new dataset version, with the authenticated user as the new owner. The forked dataset can have distinct dataset meta-data, but the actual data itself is shared with the original version.

This API is intended for use when a user is unable to edit the critical fields of a dataset through the edit_dataset API. (Critical fields are default_target_attribute, ignore_attribute, row_id_attribute.)

Specifically, this happens when the user is:
  1. Not the owner of the dataset.

  2. User is the owner of the dataset, but the dataset has tasks.

In these two cases the only way to edit critical fields is:
  1. STEP 1: Fork the dataset using fork_dataset API

  2. STEP 2: Call edit_dataset API on the forked version.


id of the dataset to be forked

Dataset id of the forked dataset