openml.datasets.get_datasets(dataset_ids: List[Union[str, int]], download_data: bool = True, download_qualities: bool = True) List[openml.datasets.dataset.OpenMLDataset]

Download datasets.

This function iterates openml.datasets.get_dataset().


Integers or strings representing dataset ids or dataset names. If dataset names are specified, the least recent still active dataset version is returned.

download_databool, optional

If True, also download the data file. Beware that some datasets are large and it might make the operation noticeably slower. Metadata is also still retrieved. If False, create the OpenMLDataset and only populate it with the metadata. The data may later be retrieved through the OpenMLDataset.get_data method.

download_qualitiesbool, optional (default=True)

If True, also download qualities.xml file. If False it skip the qualities.xml.

datasetslist of datasets

A list of dataset objects.