openml.runs.list_runs(offset: int | None = None, size: int | None = None, id: List | None = None, task: List[int] | None = None, setup: List | None = None, flow: List | None = None, uploader: List | None = None, tag: str | None = None, study: int | None = None, display_errors: bool = False, output_format: str = 'dict', **kwargs) Dict | DataFrame

List all runs matching all of the given filters. (Supports large amount of results)

offsetint, optional

the number of runs to skip, starting from the first

sizeint, optional

the maximum number of runs to show

idlist, optional
tasklist, optional
setup: list, optional
flowlist, optional
uploaderlist, optional
tagstr, optional
studyint, optional
display_errorsbool, optional (default=None)

Whether to list runs which have an error (for example a missing prediction file).

output_format: str, optional (default=’dict’)

The parameter decides the format of the output. - If ‘dict’ the output is a dict of dict - If ‘dataframe’ the output is a pandas DataFrame

kwargsdict, optional

Legal filter operators: task_type.

dict of dicts, or dataframe