str, description: str, run_ids: Optional[List[int]] = None, alias: Optional[str] = None, benchmark_suite: Optional[int] = None)

Creates an OpenML study (collection of data, tasks, flows, setups and run), where the runs are the main entity (collection consists of runs and all entities (flows, tasks, etc) that are related to these runs)

benchmark_suiteint (optional)

the benchmark suite (another study) upon which this study is ran.


the name of the study (meta-info)


brief description (meta-info)

run_idslist, optional

a list of run ids associated with this study, these can also be added later with attach_to_study.

aliasstr (optional)

a string ID, unique on server (url-friendly)

benchmark_suite: int (optional)

the ID of the suite for which this study contains run results


A local OpenML study object (call publish method to upload to server)