class openml.tasks.OpenMLTask(task_id: int | None, task_type_id: TaskType, task_type: str, data_set_id: int, estimation_procedure_id: int = 1, estimation_procedure_type: str | None = None, estimation_parameters: Dict[str, str] | None = None, evaluation_measure: str | None = None, data_splits_url: str | None = None)

OpenML Task object.


Refers to the type of task.


Refers to the task.

data_set_id: int

Refers to the data.

estimation_procedure_id: int

Refers to the type of estimates used.

download_split() OpenMLSplit

Download the OpenML split for a given task.

get_dataset() OpenMLDataset

Download dataset associated with task

property id: int | None

The id of the entity, it is unique for its entity type.


Opens the OpenML web page corresponding to this object in your default browser.

property openml_url: str | None

The URL of the object on the server, if it was uploaded, else None.

push_tag(tag: str)

Annotates this entity with a tag on the server.


Tag to attach to the flow.

remove_tag(tag: str)

Removes a tag from this entity on the server.


Tag to attach to the flow.

classmethod url_for_id(id_: int) str

Return the OpenML URL for the object of the class entity with the given id.