Retrives a list of available studies.

listOMLStudies(main.entity.type = NULL, status = "all", = NULL, limit = NULL, offset = NULL,
  verbosity = NULL)



Whether a collection of runs (study) or collection of tasks (benchmark suite) should be returned. Subsets the results according to the entity type. Possible values are {NULL, "task", "run"}. Default is NULL which means that no subsetting is done.


Subsets the results according to the status. Possible values are {"active", "deactivated", "in_preparation", "all"}. Default is "active".

a single ID or a vector of IDs of uploader profile(s).


Optional. The maximum number of entries to return. Without specifying offset, it returns the first 'limit' entries. Setting limit = NULL returns all available entries.


Optional. The offset to start from. Should be indices starting from 0, which do not refer to IDs. Is ignored when no limit is given.


Print verbose output on console? Possible values are:
0: normal output,
1: info output,
2: debug output.
Default is set via setOMLConfig.




This function is memoised. I.e., if you call this function twice in a running R session, the first call will query the server and store the results in memory while the second and all subsequent calls will return the cached results from the first call. You can reset the cache by calling forget on the function manually.

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