Contribution to the OpenML package is highly appreciated in all forms. In particular, a few ways to contribute to openml-python are:

  • A direct contribution to the package, by means of improving the code, documentation or examples. To get started, see this file with details on how to set up your environment to develop for openml-python.

  • A contribution to an openml-python extension. An extension package allows OpenML to interface with a machine learning package (such as scikit-learn or keras). These extensions are hosted in separate repositories and may have their own guidelines. For more information, see the Extensions below.

  • Bug reports. If something doesn’t work for you or is cumbersome, please open a new issue to let us know about the problem. See this section.

  • Cite OpenML if you use it in a scientific publication.

  • Visit one of our hackathons.

  • Contribute to another OpenML project, such as the main OpenML project.