Given a data set ID, the corresponding OMLDataSet will be downloaded (if not in cache) and returned.

Note that data splits and other task-related information are not included in an OMLDataSet. Tasks can be downloaded with getOMLTask.

getOMLDataSet( = NULL, = NULL, data.version = NULL,
  cache.only = FALSE, verbosity = NULL)


ID of the data set.

Data set name. This is an alternative to Default is NULL.


Version number of the data set with name Default is NULL. Ignored if is passed.


Only try to retrieve the object from cache. Will result in error if the object is not found. Default is FALSE.


Print verbose output on console? Possible values are:
0: normal output,
1: info output,
2: debug output.
Default is set via setOMLConfig.




One of or must be passed.

See also


# \dontrun{ # dat = getOMLDataSet( = 9) # # # this object contains the data ($data) # # and meta information # str(dat, 1) # summary(dat$data) # }